Anaplan… what is it?

It is cloud based combination of Excel and database system therefore meaning it is extremely flexible to work with. Excel calculations, data and user management, reporting interface – everything at hand in cloud available by quick and efficient developments. Everything you will need is internet browser, no software installations.

It is flexible and fully scalable, meaning that a good design will be very easy to maintain and quickly reflect changes in your organization. Anaplan core, frame helps to standardize your business processes, make it clean and tidy – as it works best with consistent, logical solutions. Bad designs will obviously impact further developments and your experience with Anaplan overall – creating good design is not easy and bear in mind that very few developers will do it well.

You will learn that Anaplan is a financial planning tool. It can do much more for you though because most of Excel spreadsheets can be recreated in Anaplan.


Main Anaplan features


It means that Anaplan can be end to end solution for you giving full control on the data you work with. You can have multiple versions of your data in Anaplan to select the final one at the end. However, one of the greatest advantages of Anaplan over Excel you will leverage from is that all of your Users will be able to work with same data; not having different versions on their desktops which often leads to confusion and is much harder to control.

Trust us, trust Anaplan, trust the biggest Anaplan Customers – their business life has already changed.  Make your life easier, get in touch.