Best Value for Money

Get things done for as little as 70% of regular Anaplan Project Costs. We always use 100% of our time with you in the most efficient way and never use your lack of Anaplan experience against you.

Designs Perfection

Best design choices, greatest attention to detail to keep model size and performance under control. User Interface Customer driven – cannot be limited by Anaplan architecture.

Quickest Builds

Projects taken straight from Planning Phase to the Development Phase by A class Anaplan Consultants. Agile approach tailored for each Customer individually with A-Planners experience.

Agile Anaplan Projects

Requirements Planning

We try to cut it down to minimum. Agile implementation and daily work with the Customer allow us to keep situations under control and respond ad hoc. We work together every day on implementation as well as on improving your business processes, simplifying it if necessary. We need to see real progress every day – pragmatism drives strategy, challenges drive motivation.


Business User, people are always at the heart of each IT Project we do. We plan, design and build for you and are always Customer oriented. Our projects would never be fully successful if we didn’t build a relationship and atmosphere which would help both sides to exchange knowledge and expectations. We need you active, trained and involved. Feel free to complain about anything you don’t like. Anaplan can be a fun and we hope to enjoy time spent together.


Let us inspire you. Time spent on perfect designs, friendly, simple and responsive User Interface always pays off. Take most of Anaplan by a clear knowledge transition. If we understand what you do, how you work, we can design systems respectively and help you use it in the most efficient way. We can achieve it only if we make sure you are well-trained. The biggest reward for us is to see your satisfaction and that Anaplan helps in yours daily business life.

Post implementation support

You can always count on our support. The beauty of cloud based Anaplan allows us to help you remotely with minor adjustments free of charge. We always understand that changes might be urgent for you and as part of our Customer oriented policy please expect us to respond promptly. The efficiency of your business is our business. We understand the value of long term relationships and work hard for it.